Tuesday, July 20, 2010

StyleSpot Interviews Paul Wharton: "6th Real Housewife of DC"

This city may snooze in the depths of summer, but reality TV never sleeps.

During a week when our dance card had dried up, we got a last-minute invitation to a cocktail fundraiser for MenzFit, a nonprofit that gets struggling fellows into proper suits to compete in the job market. And, as with so many invitations lately, the grim warning was: "This event will be filmed for TV."

The cameras were there all right, on the rooftop of the Donovan House hotel Thursday, circling one partygoer in particular. Paul Wharton, a local stylist and occasional TV personality (VH1, CW), hasn't been highlighted in the promos for "Real Housewives of D.C.," but he's poised to emerge as the unofficial "sixth Housewife." The flat-ironed, high-cheekboned fashionista is all over the premiere, debuting next month -- cackling as Lynda Erkiletian declares Michaele Salahi to be anorexic, then telling Michaele what Lynda said. Fun! And Thursday, a camera (labeled "HYP" -- for "Housewives" producer Half Yard Productions?) rolled on around him . . .

Now wait: It's too late for the first season of D.C. "Housewives," and too soon to shoot a second season. . . . Do we smell spinoff? Will the madness never end? We pried Wharton (pinstriped skinny pants, pointy shoes) from his frenetic airkissing. "I am in the business of TV, and D.C. is the place to be these days," he told us cryptically. "I've found a great partner in Half Yard . . . and the rest you'll have to see.".